by Sarah Castille

If this is how the author kicks off her new series, then I am all in.

This is Nico and Mia’s story and it takes a little time to get to grips with the logistics of the connection between the two of them. So allow the author to fill in their back story it is fascinating.

Nico’s father is murdered by Mia’s father …got it! The circumstances are explained well but please pay attention to the details, they are there for a reason. Nico was protecting Mia and his father was protecting him so the ensuing death left a nasty taste in everyone’s mouths and a feud between the families that just seemed to refuse to go away. Mind you then again why would it?

So fast forward and Mia is hired by one of Nico’s men as a computer security specialist and bingo…their worlds collide again.

But as you would expect the pressure on them to continue the feud is immense, but neither of them can deny the way that they feel about each other although they both know that their families are ever going to see eye to eye on any connection between the two of them.

Nico discovers that the two families are actually trying to broker a truce so to speak but unbeknown to Mia, she is the bargaining chip. Her father has agreed to marry her off to Nico’s cousin Tony…yep like that is going to help anything out in the long run!

But when they all get together, as you would expect things take a turn for the dramatic and I was left scratching my head and wondering who the heck was going to be left standing?

The anticipation stole my breath, it was totally believable, and I know that my sound strange but they had me completely engrossed.

I cannot wait to read where this story goes next and moreover I can’t wait to see who emerges from the carnage of the restaurant.


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