Worth it All

by Claudia Connor


There are days when all I need is a story that I know from almost the first page is going to leave it mark. Worth it All was that and more, I finished not only the book but my day with a smile.

Paige is on her own raising her young daughter who just happens to have a prosthetic limb.

Now Casey has other ideas about what she wants to do in life and at the tender age of 5, wearing a false limb is not high on her agenda, she would rather do anything other than have the thing on.

I adored this kid, she was a little firecracker but such a sweetheart.

Jake or JT as he is referred too is the youngest of the McKinney brothers, the baby of the bunch and since his plans of playing professional football where rewritten following a tragic car accident he has fought to find his happy ever after. He lost more than his leg in that accident, to him he lost his future.

Leaving home for California in his bid to find a path and to recover both mentally and physically, life finally got back on track for Jake when he decided to study biomedical engineering.

Finally he had purpose, he had a way to make his mark on the world and when he created Evolution R & D, with two of his friends, I could understand his logic, the need to help and alleviate the suffering of amputees, a pain that he knew and understood all too well.

But that professional generosity didn’t follow him into his private life because despite the philanthropic outlook he had to the prosthetics he was crating, Jake was still almost held hostage by the events of his past and it was those unwarranted demons that had almost forced him to build a wall around himself. He was so isolated from everyone that loved him that it was impossible not to feel sorry for him. His family missed him and wanted to be included in his life more if only he would let them.

Jake knows Paige, well I say that but I suppose it is more of a casual acquaintance thing, she is the waitress in one of the restaurants that he frequents but he would have to be completely blind not to have noticed her she was a beautiful woman, but when he discovers that she has a daughter who is an amputee his attraction only intensifies.

He can help this little girl and by doing so he can help Paige, but will she let him?

Paige was caught between a rock and a hard place, trying to do what was best for Casey and hold down not only a job but college, the last thing she either wanted or needed was complications that a man would bring into her life but when Jake offers to help Casey, that is an offer that she is in no position to turn down, but what does he want in return because she is certain that there is more to the offer than just this sexy as sin man being kind. How wrong is she?

Together they have a journey to take that will serve to show them that life is measured by the things you take the time to embrace.by the kindness you show to others and by the capacity you have to open you heart to those around you. Jake has lives so long as an island that letting Paige and Casey in is not an easy path no matter that he feels such a strong attraction. His future never included love, relationship and family or at least he thought it didn’t.

Paige was in much the same boat, her life revolved around Casey, there was no time for anything else other than doing everything she could to make sure that she could provide for Casey. So they were more alike that they could have every considered but were either of them ready to change their ways?

Casey completely stole the show, she was such a sweetie.

A really fantastic, romance that had everything I could have possible wanted and more.

Topic: Worth it All by Claudia Connor

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