My So Called Life by JD Hollyfield

One word ladies…TISSUES!!!!!

This is yet another humdinger of a book from JD Hollyfield

It is not all plain sailing it will both lighten and break your heart at times but what it will do is allow you to exercise almost every emotion that you possess – it is delightful.

Chrissy looks like she is a woman with everything, she has a great job and an amazing boyfriend but is everything as it seems? The one things she doesn’t have is the one things she wants more than anything else. Someone who loves and values her for nothing more than who she is, not what they can get from her.

Her fiancé Brent likes to call the shots but demanding that they get married, clears her head because like the proverbial lightbulb moment, she knows that what she wants is not what she has with Brent.

So Chrissy is flying solo again just like she did years earlier when she turned her back on everything from her past and left home. This time she is heading back under more solemn circumstances, her sister and brother –in-law have died and she has been left custody of niece.

Instant parentage has her reeling but Pippa, her niece needs her and when she starts to find her feet in the town, she also gets a shock – the guys she has always loved is still in town.

Ian was just a fantastic character and I had my fingers crossed that this pair would be able to find a path that meant that they could both get what they needed – each other.

This is in some respects a second chance story but I like to think that what they had was always there it just wasn’t quite ready to show its hand until now. Now was their time and I was thrilled to be with them on their trip.

The story was written beautifully, the characters so engaging that you can’t help but both laugh and cry as love works its magic.

Oh and Pippa – what a great kid!