by Nina Auril

I wanted to love everything about this story but sadly I just didn’t seem to be able to gel with Quinn, not that it was a deal breaker after, I’m not daft enough to think that I am going to like every single character that I happen upon on in a story, but I wanted so much to like her, I think I just felt slightly miffed that I couldn’t feel as enthusiastic about her as Alex did.
I thought the way the author portrayed Alex was touching and sensitive, a young man that on first appearances seemed to be ok but appearances can be deceptive because beneath the bravado he was anything but…I would go as far as to say that he was a shell of a man, a broken soul that lived his life pretending to be something he most certainly is not…Ok!
I loved the illusion he presented, the happy go, lucky guy, quick-witted and friendly but that wasn’t him at all and as the book unfurled, the real man appeared and as each page disappeared, I felt a need to keep him safe. I wanted his happiness, I just wasn’t sure that he could and would get it
Of course, the book isn’t all about Alex, it has Quinn in it too and her boyfriend Erik. Quinn was a beautiful woman, and I understood where Alex was coming from when he became besotted by her after he saw her at a frat party. But I found her naivety or willingness initially to gloss over what should have been warning signs really rubbed me up the wrong way. Darn it woman, you haven’t seen your man for an absolute age and he is less than attentive and you practically give him a free pass to treat you that way…I was totally hurling abuse at the situation, I didn’t want her to be a walkover but although she starts to cotton on to what is happening with Erik and she feels things towards Quinn that she knows are right, she still stays with Erik the a** …I was honestly spitting chips at this point... her misguided loyalty was going to cost her a man that could truly make her happy and when she kept on going back for more of Erik’s bull, I totally lost the plot…she was breaking Alex’s heart and I was losing respect for her!
Now despite my moaning, I would say that this is a must read, it is not only beautifully written, but the author tackled some sensitive subject matters with the deftest of touches and that earns the utmost of respect.
Kudos to you Ms Auril for a captivatingly, individual story that not only gave me a reason to stop and think but also brought a tear to my eye and a smile to my face.


Topic: Maniac by Nina Auril

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