The First Sin

By Jillian Quinn

A gritty read that was every bit as enthralling as the blurb led me to believe it would be.

An opposite attracts story in every possible sense of the term, this is the story of Angelo and Gianna, a couple that grew up on opposing sides of the Mafia divide, from powerful, dangerous families they had every reason to steer well clear of each other, but their hearts refused to listen to the words that others whispered, No, quite simply wasn’t in their vocabulary and whilst what they did have was far from normal, it was about as normal as their situation would allow!

I felt as if I was totally absorbed in the intensity of what their lives brought to the story, the anguish that the pressures of their families brought to bear and the weight of expectation that life continued to exude. I didn’t believe that they could have it all, the risk was too great but that didn’t mean that they were prepared to stop trying and it didn’t mean that the author was listening to my qualms, because she gave them a story that was full to the brim with not just their love and passion but also the dangerous reality of life around them.

I thought the author worked cleverly with the layers of not only story but characters that she created, there was sex and sin and it was all joyfully glorious, but that was partly tempered by an unquantifiable mystery that ran parallel to their connection and of everything that was going on it was that mystery, that uncertainty that piqued my interest most.

As I have come to expect from this author this was written with absolute authority, it cut no corners and gave its characters a storyline that was every bit as extraordinary as they could have hoped for. With more in the series to follow, I would only say that this is one that you will not want to miss.

Highly recommended.

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