Remi's Choice by Amanda Wylde

This was a read in one sitting book…no not that I didn’t have a million other things that I could have been doing but yes because it was that good, I couldn’t move!

I read this blind, knowing nothing about the author or the book really but if this is only the first of the De Luca Boys Series then I am signed up for the long run…it was superb.

Travis De Luca was no saint but he wasn’t much of sinner either he was just a kid that knew exactly how to be where he shouldn’t at any given time and with his smouldering good looks and bad lad reputation he had most of the female population of town eating from the palm of his hand but the one he really wanted, the one that sparked his need and his desire was the one that he didn’t really have the opportunity to have. Remi was two years older and she was the girl tasked with looking after Travis and his brothers’ when his mother was out. I could say babysitting but really Travis was barely home so the time they spent together was minimal but that didn’t stop him doing everything he could to push her to her limit.

Although she shouldn’t, Remi had feelings for Travis but she soaked up the teasing that he would dish out and refused to be drawn into his game, until one night she stopped fighting it and the dynamic between the two of them changed forever. But what they started doesn’t get much a chance to grow because no sooner is it on than it is all over and Travis is gone for good, without as much as a goodbye. #

Remi is grief stricken and despite her every effort, what she had with Travis is over but moving on is never that simple. Remi continues to function but she her heart is with Travis no matter where he is and she hasn’t really allowed herself to get involved with anyone since he left but when his cousin Kris moves in with Travis’s family, she takes tentative steps, I wasn’t sure if I liked where this was going, it sort of smacked of “if I can’t have Travis, I’ll have the next best thing his cousin” but it soon became clear that, that wasn’t the case at all. She tried with Kris and they have the start of a beautiful relationship growing, until Travis comes back to town.

Now, I think he would have deserved a slap but heart and head are not on the same page in this scenario and so you can take a fairly inspired stab in the dark with what happens between the two of them and when history repeats itself I am sure you will be shaking your head and muttering “Remi, Remi, Remi” at your kindle screen.

I liked Kris but I only ever saw him as a substitute and I think Remi’s heart would agree with me on that but that is not to say that I found everything that Travis did acceptable, the guy was a pain in the butt at times and I just wanted him to jump one way or another!

The story was full of push me, pull me moments. It had trouble written all over it in big shoutty capital letters but I was hooked. The dynamic between Travis and Remi was extraordinary, it wasn’t quite unrequited love but it was a love that life seemed determined to get in the way of, until they both faced the fact that their future was predetermined and they had to face up to the fact that they were never going to be happy anywhere else but with each other!

A superbly written, a perfectly worded story, it was full of emotion and attitude and completely enthralling! I loved it.

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