by Lym Cruz

I read the first in the series and was totally smitten, so I have to admit that I was a little apprehensive as to whether the second book in the series was going to be able to live up to how I felt about the first but I needn’t have worried because this author has this totally nailed and I am quite literally blown away.
Please note that the author has been very clear that there are triggers in this story and as such I will reiterate that warning…the subject matter of Eating Disorders features heavily in the story so if this is a trigger for you then please think carefully about this read…you have been warned!
The story lays bare the day to day struggle that Christina has to go through not only dealing with the normal everyday s**t that we all face but also coping with an eating disorder that has an epic impact on her very existence. Nothing is easy for her, her pain is not only physical, she carries emotional baggage that for many would be crippling but I loved the fact that despite it all she was a fighter, made of tough stuff.
Ezra and Christina together could have been the perfect recipe for disaster and in many cases, their struggle was more than I thought I could handle, this was an emotional read, so powerfully raw that I found my kindle placed neatly in my lap on a number of occasions whilst I caught my breath. But Ezra knew just what was needed to be the guy for Christina, he was so sincere, so attentive and so tender that he couldn’t have been more perfect for her.
With a boot full of angst, this was a great enemies to more read, they had their issues but watching them work out the kinks in what was happening to them and reading the emotion as they began to realise how they were really feeling was totally absorbing.
A page-turner of the very highest quality, this was a journey that they needed to take and that I was thankful that I got to share with them.
Fantastic writing yet again, I can’t recommend it highly enough …other than to say that this is my favourite book so far this year.

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