Saving Her by Alexis Noelle

Dang, this one left me with very little of my self-respect intact- crying in public is never a great look but I just couldn’t help myself, by the time I was finished with the epilogue I was wrecked!

Mason and Lacey will break your heart, honestly this is a story that if it could I would tell to stand up and take a bow.

Lacey went through hell in her marriage and now that it is over she is trying really hard to rebuild her life, to pick up the pieces and move on. I found her enthusiasm infectious, her zest for life to be able to live it the way she wanted was joyous but it didn’t hide the fact that she was alone.

Of course she had noticed Mason, it would have been impossible not to have seen him but there was something about him that had her ready to keep him at arms-length. She was wary of him or should I say that she was more sceptical of the attitude he portrayed.

But when the inevitable happens and the two of them are face to face with a decision on whether to act upon their feelings of not, it is pretty hard to turn your back on the chance of happiness.

Mason, I thought he was one of the most gently demanding men I have ever read about, he had lived his life in what was effectively an emotional vacuum never having known what it was like to be loved, until Lacey.

I understood his moody demeanour and was thankful in a way that he used it as his defence mechanism.

He hide his heart and himself so deeply that breaking through his shell to reach the soul of the man was always going to take the skill and patience that only Lacey could give him.

There are decisions made that you will rejoice at and others that will earn a swift shake of the head but you will be captivated by their relationship and the issues that they have to face.

I would recommend that you read this solo, give yourself time to snivel and be prepared for the epilogue!!!!