Sweet Girl by Sierra Hill

Before you start this one you will need to make sure you have plenty of time because it is a long book and once you get started you won’t want to put it down.

This wasn’t just a book it was a connection, a story that took its time to develop but that once it got its sneakers on, it was off and running.

I wasn’t sure that I could trust Van at first he seemed a little too worldly for Kylah. Friends with her brother, they were an unlikely alliance, they had a friendship that I wasn’t sure was heading anywhere initially but after a visit to his girlfriend, it is then that Kylah becomes not only his friend but his confidante. It is then that Van realises that there is something special between him and Kylah, something that could under different circumstances be more than friendship, something more than either of them could have anticipated, if it ever had the chance to flourish.

Van brought out a different side to Kylah, she was normally a quiet, fairly, shy girl but she could be more forthcoming with Van that she had ever been before and I loved that about the connection they had, it was obvious that when his suspicions came to fruition later in the fall that it was Kylah that was going to be there to pick up the pieces.

They both had their own problems to deal with and at times I thought that they were going to be too far off the mark to make any headway, but once they got down to communicating properly with each other they never looked back.

This lived up to its name, it was a story about a sweet girl that found her man, it was romantic in the nicest possible way. It took me on a journey with them both that covered the full range of emotions, it was full to the brim with not only love and passion but also heartbreak and anger.

Topic: Sweet Girl by Sierra Hill

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