Charming Hannah

by Kristen Proby

4.5 Stars
It’s been a while since I tucked into a Kristen Proby novel, so when this the first in her new trilogy hit my kindle I couldn’t wait to dive in and I wasn’t disappointed, Charming Hannah certainly lived up to its title because it was a deliciously charming read. Ms. Proby absolutely knows where and how to pitch her own very special brand of romance.
I thought that Hannah’s character was totally realistic, she came across as someone I would not only want to get to know but someone I would care about. There were aspects of her life that rung true, that I have either experienced or know friends who have experienced and that gave the book a personal touch. I loved the dialogue, the development of the connection between her and Brad and of course…he’s a man in uniform – need I say anymore!
The descriptive tones used brought the setting to life and the journey was one that whilst it wasn’t easy, it didn’t allow for anything to just slip past unnoticed, it gave me everything I wanted and I delivered with both barrels. The story required both work and fortitude from not just the characters but also myself as the reader but boy was it worth it.
An evocative romance that was quite simply superb.

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