Want by Emma Rider

I read “professional cuddler” and the first thought running rampant through my head was- Oh you have got to be kidding me?

But I kid you not – and as with many of life’s obscurities – do yourself a favour and look it up!

I’m waiting???..... Yep you done it now? Surprised?

I was knocked on my ass – never heard of a professional cuddler and not sure I really want to hear about a professional cuddler but what I do want to hear about and what I am sure you want to hear about is a story that will knock your socks off!!!

The book was not only written well, I give kudos to the author because the book was researched beautifully. It was so much more than I had anticipated.

I love a fighter, and I love the drama that they bring with them not just in the ring but out of it too but would Ryland live up to his billing or would be out for the count by the end of the first chapter?

Ryland or Savage to give him his ring name is… well, sexy is one word to describe him but it doesn’t seem to be quite enough, he’s a handful.

But Jade has a hard time keeping the whole arrangement they have entered on an even keel and I can understand why, being around him really was an assault on the senses. It is impossible not to be caught up by the heat rising between the two of them and for Jade the situation is only made worse by the fact that she knows the feeling is reciprocated.

I loved the bubbling sexual tension between the two of them, it was just enough to pique interest but not enough to have me recoiling in horror, I was still struggling to get my head round the cuddling malarkey… honestly professional cuddler- pha!!!!

There is an undercurrent of not so much angst but mystery that tiptoes along in the background of the story but when Jade needs his help, will Ryland be the man she wants?

They had the potential to be totally amazing and I must admit I actually loved the spark that flickered between them. I liked Ryland, he was a strong character, determined, broody with that good old smouldering sexiness going on.

Topic: Want by Emma Rider

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