Becoming Phoebe by J Michael Neal

You need to keep an open mind with this book, not that it is going to shock you to your core, it isn’t, but it will ask you questions or moreover encourage you to examine you and yours.

The setting, the interaction that placing the main female characters in a sport that is known as being predominantly masculine was a clever twist.

Phoebe was finding her way in the world and experiencing life in all its magnificence on a daily basis.

The book was well written and the author made good use of many different story telling techniques.

I liked the fact that much of Phoebe’s story came to light as she reminisced, the fact that those details were able to illuminate her present and guide her way to the future, although sometimes what she was aiming for wasn’t always clear, but then again who has all the answers of what the future holds.

I liked the interactions that we were given the opportunity to take a peek into, not only showed how she dealt with what others imparted in her life, in whatever shape or form that might be but especially her connection with her family and her team mates, as they had the biggest influence on her.

But nobody had more of a bearing on her life than she did herself and I liked the fact that the story encouraged her to take a good hard look at herself also.

I loved the fact that the author presented me with a story that was a blank canvas, as illustration of everything that Phoebe went through and by doing this the author allowed me to paint the pictures that his words created in my own colours.

This was a colour by number read, so to speak and that made it something out of the norm and I am glad it was.

A super read that is unlike anything I have read before, will certainly add this author to my one to watch list.


Topic: Becoming Phoebe by J Michael Neal

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