One Northern Morning

by Marissa Carmel


After the end of the first book, getting my hands on some more Kamdyn and Laney was an absolute necessity. These two are characters that you cannot help but care about.

We pick up right back after the end of book one and while Kamdyn and Laney are still together, this football superstar is about to hit the big time but unfortunately his relationship with Laney is beginning to slip.

Kamdyn has achieved so much, he has torn the record book up, leaving the others in his wake all the way through college winning the top awards and was shoe in for the first draft of the illustrious NFL but he may have had all his dreams knocking on his door but the one person he wanted to be beside him, has taken a good hard look at what they have between them, and made the decision to call it a day and they go their separate ways.

Laney Summers was the best thing that ever happened to Kam but life got in the way.

Could life throw the pair of them a life line years later?

Three years and they cross paths again, had time taken the shine of all that went before them or can they rekindle the longing that they seem to still harbour deep within?

Laney’s boyfriend is a big issue for Kamdyn, there is something about him other than the fact he has “his”woman that just rubs him up the wrong way.

But no matter what he feels about him, he is just one of the catalysts that makes him see that he not only wants but he needs Laney back.

But as you would expect the path they have to travel is far from smooth. Kamdyn is rocked to his core when he is hit with an accusation that has the possibility to rock his world to its very core.

Will Laney stand by him this time?

The book short and if anything that is my only criticism, I wanted more.

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