Lethal Temptations

by Janine Infante Bosco


This isn’t a book, it isn’t just a story …no, this is an experience.

Blackie and Lacey brought more to the page than I had actually ever thought possible. We had a glimpse previously of Blackie and that teaser was enough for me to know that I was going to fall head over heels for the most broken of men, much like Lacey must have felt because there was something about him that just flooded my senses.

Life had been cruel when it comes to Blackie and his past. The death of his wife from a drug overdose was enough of a wake-up call for him to do all he could to kick his own crippling habit but was it just a case of exchanging one demon for another because while he had managed to stay off the drugs that had been his vice of choice previously, he was now finding his kick at the bottom of a bottle.

His pain was tangible and that broke my heart for him. All he wanted was for his pain to go away but no amount of alcohol was ever going to wash that hurt out of his soul. Watching him drink his life away was hard, he was either asleep or drunk, there was no happy medium…in fact there was no happy anything!

Lacey knew that Blackie was her “it”. From the tender age of 10 he has captivated every inch of her imagination, her tender soul has felt a connection to him that she is not willing to ever let go of but she has her own demons to overcome.

Lacey’s dad is the President of the MC and while Blackie is the Vice President, that doesn’t mean that her father is going to be any the more accepting of the two of them being together but they have a lot to get past before they even have to worry about her pop!

I loved the fact that despite his age and the age difference, Blackie was really struggling to keep his head and heart on the same page. She is under his skin and has worked her way into his heart but his head knows that being together is a really bad idea or is it?

The issues contained in this story are not sweet, they are hard, harsh and honest. They cut to the chase and shine a torch on topics that are not only important but that far too many people feel that are forced to face silently. The topics of drug and alcohol abuse while not insignificant were almost secondary to me, I was absorbed by the way the author fought to show the reality of mental illness.

A gritty book that broke my heart on more than one occasion, it hit too many nerves and pushed too many of my buttons but I loved every single word.

This was a love story about two very broken individuals who needed each other in order to complete themselves and in doing so they helped my own little bit of broken.

Topic: Lethal Temptations by Janine Infante Bosco

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