Conflict of Interest

by Gisell De Jesus


There is more to this that I had originally considered and I say that as a good thing.

The story has depth and the characters demand time and understanding. There is subterfuge afoot of that you are left in do doubt but what exactly is going on is hidden masterfully along the way and only revealed when absolutely pertinent.

I especially loved the fact that the author brought on board some strong peripheral characters, I liked Alyssa, really disliked Marissa and absolutely loved Evan’s mum!

The story has more than the fact that is has an erotic demeanour, it is romantic and mysterious,  it is demanding and the relationship between Natalia and Evan is far from ordinary but was it ever meant to be. There should be nothing to connect them but they have a basic need to be together and Evan has a desire to know that no matter what she is his.

His dominant tendencies are handled well and while he liked to be in control he wasn’t overtly demanding in my opinion, in fact I thought that he was more considerate that many Dom’s that I have read in other novels, he really was taking her by the hand to show her a world of pleasure that she had never experienced before.

Natalia was a soon to be college graduate, who was wide eyed to the world and thought she knew more than she really did and Evan well he was the mystery man that she just couldn’t keep away from, the man that plagued her thoughts and made her body sing.

He could play her like a drum and exuded absolute confidence while doing it but her pleasure belonged to him and his pleasure derived from the fact that she was like putty in his hands. They were perfect together and whilst the events later in the books were perhaps a little rushed I was pleased that on this occasion what may have begun as sex had become so much more.

BUT… then the end, I have to say the ending hit me straight between the eyes, knocked my sideways and actually left me with a WTF look on my face… honestly I didn’t see it coming. Well played Gisell

I will address this now because I know that it will not go unnoticed and in the author’s defence I think it only fair that I add that this is her first book but I know some of the purists out there will moan that there are grammatical mistakes but nobody is perfect, I have pointed out mistakes to some of the biggest names in the genre, so I see no reason not to cut a newbie some slack.

Over all the book flows well and yes it could do with a good proof read but that is something that can be taken into consideration for the next book because I for one am looking forward to seeing what comes next for Evan and Natalia.