The Plus Ones

by Kayley Loring

I picked this up with eager anticipation, I love it when I find an author I haven’t read before, it’s exciting to see what they bring to the page. So, what did I get?

Well, Keaton’s feeling more than a little miffed. Watching as each of his friends settle down with the women in their lives, he acutely aware of the fact that he wants what they have but with a past reputation that has been less than fabulous, it was obvious that he may be facing an uphill struggle to get his happy ever after…or could the woman of his dreams be the one woman that drives him out of his mind?

Roxy is part of Keaton’s circle of friends…although that is more through association rather than by design but there is most definitely something flickering away between the two of them. They had a mini moment at a wedding a few years previously but since then they have tried desperately to sweep it under the carpet or at least Roxy has but now they are going to have to buckle up because with all their friends …the couples that is, heading off on vacation, they may have thought they had escaped any connection and for the most part they had…until one of the couples drop out and Roxy & Keaton agree to pretend to partner up and join in.

Keaton is happier about the situation than Roxy and I think that was because he was finally ready to get some time with the woman he had previously locked lips with and he knew if the chance arose he would be doing so at the first available opportunity but Roxy was a tough character to actually get to grips with and for the most part I struggled to understand why he was willing to even attempt to cultivate anything between them because she was more than a little hostile most of the time.

I loved Keaton’s determination, he put up with a lot from Roxy…much more than I would have anyway, but it wasn’t all bad. There were some super moments in the book, and I loved that Keaton came across as a really good guy.

I loved the superb cast of characters, some of the couples were juts brilliant. Each brought their own brand of love and crazy to the page. I laughed out loud at a number of scenarios and that is not always easy when I have set my stall out that one of the characters has irked me…but the story was more than just Roxy and overall I have to say that the story itself totally won me over…or should I say Keaton did.

Highly recommended.


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