Amplify by Anne Mercier


Right I may be reading these one after the other but bleeding hell there is just no let up. Jesse and Lucy were intense and amazing in the last book Blush but this time it is Sera and Cage that are in the spotlight.

Cage has more going on than most and having could bits and pieces of his story up until now it was finally nice to get my hands on the man himself so to speak.

He is one badass dude with ties and connections to the Mafia – but that is not his saving grace the thing that made him shine for me was the fact that as hot and sexy as he is, he is just downright beautiful; inside as well as out. He is such a nice guy honestly I want him.

Sera, is seriously one of my favourite from the Blush ladies, she is so strong that some of her life had me holding my breath. She lost her parents in horrible circumstances but life hadn’t finished with her and when she lost her baby (Cage’s baby) my heart broke for her. She deserved a break and I was praying that she was finally going to get her happiness. When her life turned its much needed corner I was so excited it was fabulous because now I got the ending I wanted for the both of them.

When they wed, I was brimming with joy for them both!

The rest of the band were ever present and that makes the story all the more delightful because spending time with these guys is beginning g to become my favourite place to be and  Xander well, well words at this precise moment fail me – he is simply amazing!