by KC Enders

This is one of the best books I have read this year, I loved absolutely everything about it!
The author presented a story that covered every emotion known to man and then some! I laughed, I cried and everything in between. I would defy anyone to finish the book and not feel as if the characters had left their mark.
Kindergarten teacher Katie lives and works in New York, and that also means that she is also enjoying the eclectic and at times downright hilarious dating scene, although I will admit I doubt that Katie found every one of her disastrous encounters quite as amusing as I did.
Losing faith in the belief that her Mr. Perfect actually existed, she was beginning to think that finding her happy ever after was never going to happen but when it did, don’t you just know it…he’s off limits, well in her mind anyway, because from first glance, Wyatt Jackson believes something very very different.
“Uncle Jack” is just who she has been looking for, sexy as sin and the way he is with his nephew Jake, is enough to melt the hardest heart but Katie has followed her professional code and there is no way she feels able to date him, after all, little Jake is in her class, it has yet another disastrous situation written all over it and she is listening to her inner voice intently – the problem is that Wyatt cant hear her inner turmoil and he has no such doubts about the beautiful woman who just happens to be his nephews’ teacher …and for this military man, there is nothing that cant be overcome, especially not a skittish woman who he has fallen head over heels in lust with.
Well with all that about, the path to the pair of them being where they really needed to be was never going to be straightforward, or quick but it was the first foot on a path that was never going to be boring. They had trials and tribulations to overcome, some happy and some painfully tragic moments that shape not just them but also their relationship.
Do they make it, well I wouldn’t dream of spoiling this for you, it would be tragic if you didn’t pick it up for yourself because I already know that this will definitely be in my top ten for the year it was superb

Topic: TOMBSTONES by KC Enders

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