Grit by Margaret McHeyzer


If you are looking for a book to grab you by the throat and give you a good hard talking to then this is it.

Margaret McHeyzer doesn’t give one single iota of consideration to sensibilities because when she writes about a man that is as dominant, deadly and dark as Jaeger Dalton, you leave your sensible head at the front door, the man is immense!

But as dark and gritty as the book is I must point out that it runs the full gamut of emotions, it is funny and will have you laughing easily at some points but it will also have you reaching for the tissues.

And when Jaeger is in full flow you will be left slack jawed in absolute amazement that someone hasn’t taken a bat to his head before now!

This was the sort of standalone book that you need to give yourself some much needed time to dedicate to it – you will not be disappointed! I couldn’t put the book down.

Jaeger is the President of the Hunters MC and as far as he is concerned he has a debt to collect in the shape of some land.

He has every intension of making good on that collection but hasn’t anticipated that he might get more than he bargains for when he rocks up on the property to claim what he thinks he is entitled to… because as we all know sometimes you don’t get what you want!

Phoenix Ward has no damn intension of letting anyone, let alone Jaeger Dalton take her land and she doesn’t give a damn who comes knocking on her door, they can take a hike and she is ready to lay down the law.

But when Jaeger first sees a defiant Phoenix standing on the doorstep, his past encounter with the feisty red head comes flooding back, not that he has ever really been able to forget her anyway… once met never to be forgotten it would seem.

But now he wants a little more than the land, he wants her!

And this man doesn’t react well to the word…No.

But the land grab that appears to be brewing is far from contained to just Jaeger and Nix, there are others that are prepared to do whatever it takes to get their hands on not only this feisty woman’s land but also her.

Jaeger many be a poster boy for Neanderthal man but he has no intension of leaving Phoenix to fend for herself, he will keep her safe, even if he has to fight her all the way to do so.

Phoenix doesn’t take his interference kindly but she will have to learn to play nice because when all hell breaks loose, it is only Jaeger and his protective instincts that she will have to keep her not only safe but alive.

Will Jaeger be able to keep her, no matter the fact that he truly has very little in the way of a brain to mouth filter? How much is this man really willing to relinquish in order to get his woman?

And while at times she is genuinely stunned by his attitude. Can Phoenix reconcile the fact that no matter his demeanour, her body craves Jaeger and staying away is not an option!


Topic: Grit by Margaret McHeyzer

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