Leather & Lace Part One By J A Fredericks

If you like an MC novel then this is right up your street because this quick little read leaves you in now doubt of the quality of what is to come.

There is nothing off the table when it comes to the Inferno Glory MC and JA Fredericks dishes them up lock stock and two smoking barrels!

Leaving prison after a three year stretch, Harley has nowhere to go but back to the Infernal Glory but her return is not meet with the welcome that perhaps she may have anticipated.

In fact Remmy the club president makes sure she knows that she is not welcome in his club and kicks her out of the compound. He has known Harley for years, he was best friends with her father but when she never made it to his funeral, he cultivated a grudge – one that he just wasn’t ready to forgive.

But there are a sea of new faces at the club and while some know her history, others don’t and some are willing to give her a chance.

Colt may be the new guy in the club but this former Navy SEAL isn’t about to see her cast adrift. He gives her a lifeline, a place to stay and a chance to build a future.

Now, I was completely entranced by Colt, this seriously sexy man, was not just beautiful on the outside, he was a real gent in biker leathers - although he didn’t always behave like one.

One of the younger members of the club, Colt may have a lot still to learn but he knows what he wants and from the minute see Harley, he knows that he wants to be the man that she can lean on, the one that can help her to rebuild her life.

I loved Colt, he was is such a great guy, he was so loving and thoughtful, he was besotted by Harley and he didn’t care who knew it – This sexy assed guy was just amazing and she quickly became a primary focus for her, there is nothing he wasn’t prepared to do to keep her safe.

But the question was, was that what Harley wanted? Did she feel the way Colt did or could Ranger turn her head?

The writing as superb, the emotion is engaging, the attraction is irrefutable and the sex was smoking, but the best thing about the book was the level of anticipation, the questions that you’re left with and the sense of anticipation that I now have for the next book.

I want to know what else is going to happen for Harley and Colt – how will Ranger figure into the equation and what the heck is going on with her brother.