Screwed Over

by Alexis Wilder

Cassie is back, and she certainly isn’t mucking around, she is a woman on a mission, No, not that sort of mission ladies, mind out of the gutter please…well for a little while anyway!

Cassie promised Matt that she would be able to help him with the cash to get his business venture up and running and she isn’t about to renege on that promise but keeping it isn’t going to be either easy or straight forward. I mean she has fodder for as far as they eye can see for her articles but while those that matter may feel that she should be able to produce her Tinseltown articles at the drop of a hat, the truth for Cassie couldn’t be more different, each one is proving to be harder and harder and not always for the most obvious reasons.

I love Cassie, she is a woman after my own heart, she calls it as it is and wears the consequences well, as only she can. I liked that despite the trouble that seemed determined to have its say in her life, she soldiered on sticking to her guns, I only wished there were times where she could stop being the mistress of her own downfall.

Strangely, I found myself questioning Cassie and her actions a little more than I have in previous books.  Please don’t get me wrong, I adored her and her punchy attitude but darn it woman, there are times when you just have to learn to keep your thoughts to yourself.

I could help but wonder if that wilful attitude she has could have the potential to orchestrate more angst than even she was going to be able to cope with.

There were of course the usual suspects dotted throughout the book , that when it came to providing the angst and attitude, didn’t hold back, I mean there were ex’s that didn’t seem to understand that they were an ex for a reason, family that were complicated enough to test the patience of a saint and who, if they belonged to me, I would have driven me to a lot more than drink, I’m sure that they had the capacity to leave even the strongest soul rocking in the corner.

As always, the story was beautifully written, it was engaging and completely drew me in from the very outset. I have loved my journey with Cassie from the first time I was introduced and with more to come I cannot wait to see what her future holds, I only hope that whatever it is, Cassie is true to both her previous form and everything about her that makes her so special.

This is a woman that I honestly don’t want to change but that I want to see get a happy ever after, I can’t imagine that she is the sort of woman that will accept it, even if it falls straight into her lap so until the next story I can only imagine how the author is going to give my girl the chance of getting everything she truly deserves…but I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it is epic.


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