Murder Notes

by Lisa Renee Jones

What is there not to love about this…nothing that’s what!

The first in a new series, I thought this hit the ground running and drew me in from the very first chapter, Lilah Love is an FBI profiler, well that was me sold, I needed no more…it was like having my own Criminal Minds whodunit in my hands, I was so excited.

One death on the beach in LA is soon compounded when she heads back to the east coast, her home in New York and a case that shows all the hallmarks of being connected…but was it? And could her ex really be the guy they are looking for or was that just too easy after all his family are certainly well known to the authorities.

Kane Mendez was part of the Mendez Cartel, but he can’t help the business his family have, and Lilah truly believes that he has nothing to do with the crimes, but someone is going to great lengths to try and prove otherwise…but why?

I liked that Lilah was her own woman, she had a lot on her plate, not only with the case but also with family but she was tenacious and determined to find out, not only who keeps leaving her “clues” but also why they have fixated on her and what all this has to do with Kane.

I thought the story was great, I was absorbed and totally engaged and look forward to the next in the series.

Topic: Murder Notes by Lisa Renee Jones

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