New beginnings by Megan Keith


This may be book three in the series and it definitely can be read as a standalone but you will not be hurting for reading the first two books because the whole series has been superb.

This is the type of book that will bring a smile t your face and a spring in your step although you won’t be wandering far while you are captivated by Seth and Bianca.

The humour that runs through the book was a tonic, and Seth and Bianca were the sort of characters that demanded that you get involved, they open their world to you and welcome you in and in return all they ask is that you listen to what they have to say.

Seth is in the previous two novels but in this, his book, he brings a fresh side of his character to the page. He was mischievous, creative and completely loveable…Bianca you are one lucky woman.

But then again the relationship between the two of them probably has something to do with his cheeky charm, they are just so comfortable together that there is an easy vibe going on.

Seth has been having a tough time letting go of his ex-girlfriend Emma completely and I have to say it was a welcome change to read about a man who was fighting the aftermath of a failed relationship. It isn’t easy moving on, for both sides. When he met Bianca in a local café, he is smitten, now I was worried that it was a rebound situation, he was still hurting after the end of the Emma relationship but my worry was short lived because Bianca is definitely her own woman and wasn’t shy at calling him out on the fact that he was a constant visitor to the café.

I liked the fact that their relationship was founded in such a normal, relatable way, they formed a strong friendship, one that was destined to become so much more and when eventually the find themselves well and truly out of the friend zone and into the significant other territory I was delighted.

But was it all going to come crashing down around their ears when Seth’s contact ended or would Bianca step up to the pass and prove that she is the woman for him.

I have to say though that it was not all sweetness and light, there were elements of this book that made me hold my breath, just a couple of bits that were sad enough to give the rest of the book credence.

Life is not always upbeat, it can be hard and for every up there is often a down, and this balance is perfectly executed.

Dishing up Seth’s ex is a test that Bianca has to face and one that any woman would normally shy away from... it gave Bianca the opportunity to show just how deep her feelings were for Seth and gave a glimmer of hope that maybe they had what it would take to survive together.

Other than Seth and Bianca, I have to say that the secondary characters were brilliant, I loved Scar, she was Bianca’s friend and boss and I have to say I can see who the two of them would have formed their relationship they were funny, so damn funny that I am surprised that they actually got any work done! And then to top it all off the author dished you Johnno and the other boys and I was swept away, loved them all!!