by Shanora Williams

Wow, this was a emotional ride, one minute I was on cloud nine and the next well completely shattered.

Vincent and Marley had already had once bite at the relationship cherry but the fact that he was an addict proved too much for them to survive. But when they parted company, little did they know that it would be years before they ever set eyes on each other again. But when they did, would there be the opportunity to get to know the people they had become and leave the past behind?

Despite the fact that he has never had much of a connection with his family Vincent decides to have one final attempt to build bridges and returns home to attend his brother’s wedding.

Little did he know that that decision is going to have incredible consequences.

The three years that have passed since they parted ways have given Marley the opportunity to shape her life to one that would have never been possible had they remained together but as she is about to make the ultimate commitment to her new life and get married but the arrival of Vincent is going to throw a grenade into all her carefully crafted plans because despite their distance and all her efforts, Vincent is the guy that owns her heart and soul, so things are about to get very ugly…especially when he gets a look at who she is engaged too!

I applaud the author for a beautifully crafted second chance love story. This pair have so much to go through, the story twists an turns like I hadn’t expected but I can understand the path that they had to take to be where they eventually need to be.

With everything that Marley and Vincent went through I had to think that they were done when they parted ways but I was delighted that the author gave their hearts the opportunity to call the shots and refuse to lay back and let events dictate what and where they needed to be.

As with very fantastic story, it isn’t all sweetness and light and for as much as I loved Marley and Vincent I have to say that I found a couple of the other characters totally reprehensible, Vincent’s mother was a disgrace to the term Mother and his step father well the man was just a disgrace full-stop!

Topic: 100 PROOF by Shanora Williams

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