by Xavier Neal

Reclusive doesn’t even begin to describe the life that Weston (Wes) Wilcox live, secreted away from a world that feels he has no part in. One that he holds with a distain that is almost unimaginable, not because of what they have done to him but because of how he feels they will not only react but judge him.

The accident that resulted in the death of his parents and the disfigurement that he refused to have eradicated has left him with an apathy for the world outside his estate, a world that he cannot control and a world that will view him (in his opinion) as a monster. And for that reason, he has lived a life surrounded by staff who would do anything for him and a best friend JT that his quite literally his right-hand man.

I like the fact that will Wes was the lead man in the book, it was Brynley that has the story by the throat, she was a ball to the wall girl, who was used to making her own decisions and more often than not her own mistakes but she looked after herself and took no prisoners in the process. Wes Wilcox was about to get the Brynley treatment and he would never be the same again!

So, when Lauren, Wes’s housekeeper and Brynley’s mother is struck down with a mysterious illness, they are set on a path that would create a whole new dimension for them both because Wes is a man of order and Brynley is the human wrecking ball that is all set is knock his order on it’s a$$. She baits him almost, refusing to back away from a conflict, refusing to allow him to hide behind his hood, in the shadows and out of sight, she wants to see him, to get to know him and he just has to get with the programme. I adored the spirit she showed, the exuberance and the absolute determination to bring a little light into not only what was a grave situation for her mother but also into the life of a man that definitely piqued her interest…could she get him to step from the shadows?

The quirky one liners and movie quips were a fabulous touch, they made the situation more relevant and modern, the writing was modern and edgy and added a side to their characters that was completely engaging.

I liked the hint of mystery that was playing out throughout their story and whilst I had figured out who the culprit was I wasn’t so quick on why. I liked JT, and hope that we get a lot more from him in the future.

With this being the first in a new series, I am very much looking forward to the next book Public and to see the next step in their relationship.

Topic: Private by Xavier Neal

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