Stolen Away by Jennie Marts

There is just something about a cowboy story that has me reaching for the lamp and cosying down for the evening. They are just so protective of their women that I know I’m going to love every word and this was no different …Cash had being a cowboy in his soul, it was not just what his is…no it was who he is and I loved him.

He had that cool cowboy alpha going on but he also had a soft edge. This guy was so kind, so patient and so loving that I could have just kept him for myself.  I think the author should be commended for sharing…really, I mean it if it had been me writing, I can tell you now you wouldn’t have got him, I’d have kept him for myself!

Emma wasn’t looking for a relationship, she had been through enough with her ex that treading that path again was way down her list of things to do but she hadn’t met Cash before and once she did, they were off at the speed of light.

Their relationship hit the ground running and never looked back. They both had things to overcome but together everything just seemed lighter, it just seemed right. I loved the intensity of their journey, the fact the author tackled difficult subject matter and that she did so in such an accomplished way. Domestic abuse isn’t easy to weave into a storyline but when it is tackled the author has to ensure that it is tackled appropriately, the author did just that in this book and gave her survivor the opportunity to shine.

The book was fast paced but articulate, it left little to chance and gave the characters the opportunities to express themselves. They may have fallen for each other quickly but I think I got there first!

Topic: Stolen Away by Jennie Marts

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