Heart Recaptured

by Tillie Cole


It is a hard heart that can read this story and not be touched by the relationship that develops between Ky and Lilah.

If ever there is a case of two people from the opposite sides of the spectrum being thrown together then it this pair but like many of the great love stories before them, Ky and Lilah have fate on their side and whether they know it or not, they have a love that reaches so deep within them that neither of them ever had a chance to escape it.

I ran the gamut of emotion when reading this book, and much like the first book in the series, I found the references to the religion sect that not only Mae but now Lilah and Maddie have escaped difficult to even begin to fathom but I commend the author for not only the subject matter but the depth of research and information that she includes whilst laying the foundation for the trysts between the Hades Hangmen and Prophet Cain and his disciples

Ky is the club VP and best friend of Styx, never one to be interested in a woman on the back of his bike, Ky really never had much need a woman at all except for fulfilment of his sexual requirements and he had plenty of those, but Lilah stirred emotions in him that had him on the ropes because if there was one woman that he should be running away from it was Lilah, yet she was the one woman he just couldn’t get enough of. Ky had helped to rescue Lilah when the Hangmen retrieved Mae from the commune but setting eyes on Lilah was an awakening of sorts because whilst she may have believed herself to be cursed with beauty, Ky knew that she was by far the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on a- far too good for him.

Lilah is like a fish out of water now that she does not have the confines of the religious commune to protect her and living with the Hangmen is proving difficult to adjust too. But when Styx tells Ky to help Lilah to fit in, the pair of them form a beautiful friendship, he wants nothing but to protect her and she feels safe with no-one but him. They need each other ....and for them both dormant desires begin to surface.

I loved Styx in book one but I have to say that when it comes to MC hero’s I have found my new BBF- Ky is just divine, although I think he would have a coronary at that term. The persona he displays to the outside world is everything he is not with Lilah, the love and devotion that he develops and shows to her is simply divine and I loved him all the more for his patience and understanding. She had been through so much but he took his time and endeavoured with everything he had to make her see that her beauty was not what she wore one the outside and what the world saw when they looked at her, but it was what lay within her, the woman that she was inside.

If ever there was a man prepared to die for his woman then I would have to say that Ky was that man!

Lilah will break your heart, not only for what she has been through and goes through again at the hands of Cain and his army of despots, but also for the loneliness that her religion has forced her into accepting, I cried for the pain that this woman had endured but wept at the love that Ky had instilled in her and that she was finally able to accept.

You will need to have tissues to hand and to be prepared to sob openly – so this may not be the best book to read on the bus to work .. You may get some funny looks.