by Amity Cross

Please ….do not read this unless you have already read the previous novels, this isn’t one you can pick up and wander through, you need the details from the rest of the series! Because when it comes to being able to piece together the storyline, there is so much going on that trying to figure out how each of the characters got to where they are now and how they are all connected is going to be impossible if you haven’t read the first two books.

So with Zenith we get the end game, the final secrets, the clarification of all the assumptions I had clearly made through the other books, the things I thought I knew, the things I had been dying to find out…all laid bare.

I loved the journey we took with Jane, the path she faced was far from easy, far from smooth but it was her steps towards taking the control she needed and fighting for everything she deserved, the spirit she found, the inner strength that at times I don’t even think she knew she had.

With Amity Cross, there is always more to the story that the obvious, she not only encourages but almost demands that as a reader we take time to consider the whole picture. There was a deviousness surrounding the story that I actually find quite difficult to put into words, other than the fact that I couldn’t get enough…finished in one sitting.