Forever with Me by Kristen Proby

It was with a very heavy heart that I started to read this book, not that, that had anything at all to do with the book itself but purely the fact that at the end I knew I was going to have to say goodbye to this magnificent series.

I will miss them all, all their shenanigans and the love that surrounds each and every one of them…. I’m gutted.

But back to Dominic’s tale, this sexy Italian has been on the periphery of the family since it came to light that Steven Montgomery has had a one night stand many years ago and hey presto- Dominic was on his doorstep years later. I found the whole situation around it strange to get my head around back then but I have to say Dominic is every bit as enigmatic as the rest of the Montgomery men and that is no mean feat!

Dominic although present in the past couple of books(ish) has never really had his time to shine, well he gets it now and boy does this guy know how to sparkle. He has it all and in spades, he loves totally and without compromise, he takes no prisoners when it comes to getting what he wants and will do anything to protect not only his family but the one person that he been waited too long to belong to him… Alecia

Alecia is a bit of an odd girl to get a handle on at first, she is fabulous at her job, planning weddings but when it comes to love in her own life, well let’s just say she is not signing from the same hymn sheet- you see, the daughter of parents who she feels never really wanted her and the ex-wife of a man that was as reprehensible as she could have possible picked, love is seriously overrated in her life, so she has resolved that she can do without the complication ! What she didn’t reckon on was one sexy arsed vineyard owner and his determination… let the games begin.

They determine to have what they have for the time and to enjoy being together but no labels and no expectations, yeh, like that was ever going to work. Because as stubborn as she is, Dom is more than her match because the harder she pushes the stronger he is to pull her right back to him.

 The chemistry and connection between them was beautifully written and I was secretly cheering for them all the way. I mean who doesn’t want a man to sweep you of your feet and give you every single thing in life you could possible desire- right.. surely it is not just me!

The ride between them is not completely smooth sailing but you know in your heart that they are going to eventually get the happy ever after that they deserve.

So did the end come as a surprise, not one bit but that didn’t mean that I wanted it to be over, I clicked the last page and felt empty, not just for the fact that Dom and Alecia’s story was over but that my time with Will, Nate, Caleb, Luke and all the others was at an end too.

I'm So Sad....