by Alexis Noelle

I have loved every one of the books in this series and each brings something new to the table.

Rock is a typical member of an MC, single minded, set on his own path and definitely happy in his own skin with absolutely no need or want for a relationship. He has his own plans when it comes to the women he lets into his life and exactly how long they will be there and not many manage to make it past one night but there is something different about Chrissy that he just can’t shake.

Chrissy is far from average, she is self-assured and certain that she is happy keeping guys at arm’s length and much like Rock, she isn’t on the lookout for a relationship but …and it is a big but,she is like a moth to a flame as far as Rock is concerned and despite the fact that she knows she really should keep her distance, she just can’t and the resulting confusion is very much double sided.

I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when he announces to the club that she was his woman… she was spitting chip, after all she belonged to no-one – or at least that is what she liked to tell herself because in reality she was rock’s whether she agreed or not!

They were perfect for each other, feisty and full on, they brought out both the best and worst in each other but boy what a ride!

As expected the author was liberal with her sprinkling of previous characters, this is a family that continues to grow but one that never seems to release it grasp on your heart.

When it comes to am MC read Ms Noelle has this down pat, as with previous books, the flow and detail, the shenanigans and attitude is enough to have me flipping pages like a thing possessed and this was no different

Fantastic addition to the series.

Topic: Havoc by Alexis Noelle

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