Royal Scandal

by Marquita Valentine

In the overall scheme of things I would say that this was a romantic fairy tale and while I found that much of the book was entertaining, on occasion I found some aspects seemed to distract me and because of that I lost pace with the storyline and for me that was more than a little irksome.

The author layered the story with a strong sub plotline that travelled in parallel with the romance that was developing between Colin and Della and while that romance was sweet I found the situation surrounding the assassination and aftermath, sort of muddied the waters and that was a shame.

Colin was in exile in the United States, but he is doing everything he can to try and endeavour to overturn the events that surrounded him fleeing his homeland. Della works for Colin as a caretaker on his estate, it is a job that she loves, caring for him and the two boys.

From the employer/employee relationship it was only a matter of time before one of them started to develop feelings for the other but could and would they be able to take what might happen any further and if they did could they find their own fairy tale ending or will his countries demands and his solution put paid to any real romance completely!

As crazy as the plan was, no-one knew him better than Della so it was obvious that she was going to accept his proposition, but would it bring out the best in them both or would the powers that be see right through their plan?

Their connection was a long time evolving and I wanted the prince and the pauper scenario to be the main focus of the story and to ensure that all things romantic were given their time in the spotlight, I just felt that the angst of other circumstances outweighed that on occasion and that was disconcerting.

I thought the story had legs to go a little further and that as a reader I was still searching for more information. I would have liked the author to take them a little further, give them a little more.

Topic: Royal Scandal by Marquita Valentine

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