Fight for you by Charisse Spiers

When it comes to a fight Haddox Hayes has been in one almost all his life.  Not only fighting to survive and fighting to keep himself sane.

For years he has used the discipline of the ring to contain the anger that dwells within him and to make sure that his walls remain well and truly intact – because only then can he insure that his secrets remain buried.

Haddox is a fantastic character, he is so intense that he will overtake your mind and completely consume you.

But where is his peace?  I couldn’t help but feel as if I needed him to have some light, some relief from the torture that he puts himself through.

He felt so unworthy and so consumed that now as an adult, control was all he knew – all he had ever known.

Both in and out of the ring he determined that nothing and no-one would ever make him change his course… well, braver men than Haddox have uttered those immortal words and lived to rue the day – and I have to say that I smiled to myself when Piper entered his world, because this dominant man was about to have his world tilted on its axis and he would have another fight on his hands, one that didn’t just involve him this time.

Piper has closed herself off from loving anyone, too much has happened to hurt her before and she has no intension of ever treading that path again, so a cut and run relationship is all that she is up for but the connection between them was just so strong, such a paradox, she refused to give in to him and yet he needed her to yield, something had to give and the path they rode together was just superb!

Together they had to find a way to make what they had work, to discover whether or not what they were working towards was what they both wanted and if it was – and what exactly they were both  prepared to have to give up in order to have it!

A superbly written, emotionally tense read that had me invested from the very beginning and kept me completely enthralled right up until the last word on the last page – Charisse Spiers never fails to deliver and this is yet another fabulous book by a very talented author.