Write You a Love Song

by Fabiola Francisco

There was much to love about these characters and this story on the whole.
Knox and Ainsley were the sort folk that were easy to fall for. They had their own foibles but that didn’t mean that there was anything to dislike, quite the opposite.
In some respects, they were perfectly matched…as you will discover.
I loved that Ainsley was willing to embrace the randomness of life, she was on the move and by nothing other than sheer luck, she happened upon Everton and for the most part, she was loving the place and her new life behind the bar.
Knox had another reason entirely for being in Everton, he’s back in the arms of his family, learning to live a life that has changed beyond recognition. Fame and fortune as a Country Music superstar brought good and bad into his life, it gave him the opportunity to share his talent with the world but it also meant his personal life was never really his own, so in the midst of a divorce he heads home to not only dip out of the limelight but to find some normality in his life surrounded by those that see him as little more than a meal ticket.
The two of them found a comfortable friendship, one that had possibilities if they wanted it, but that decision was one that wasn’t straight forward.
They both had a lot to lose in some respects, Knox was far from the tabloid darling, staving off claims that this disastrous marriage was little more than a sham, all the while trying to come to terms with that having her may not be possible.
They were so good together that I was secretly wishing that they managed to find a way to make it happen but believe me when I say that it wasn’t made easy for them, there was more angst and attitude that I had anticipated but Knox was up for the fight and when a future with Ainsley as a prize at the end, you bet your ass he was ready to go to war.
As expected, this was not only wonderfully detailed, but it was beautifully written and full to the brim with small-town charm.

Topic: Write You a Love Song by Fabiola Francisco

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