Unexpected Reality by Kaylee Ryan

Stick a picture like the one that Kaylee Ryan did on the front of this book and I am first in line to pick it up, I mean dang woman!!

But there was more to this than just a kick a** cover, the synopsis dug its claws in and I was done for.

From the very first page, I was invested. There wasn’t a hope on h*ll that I was going to put this down until I had finished every last chapter.

I liked the feel of the story, the flow and direction, the fact that it didn’t hang about it flicked through the fact leaving nothing to chance but not meandering. The story threw up more than a few twists and turns as it unfolded but those only served to pull me further in…if that was even possible.

Ridge…oh boy! I think I could fill a whole encyclopaedia about how fantastic this guy is; I have just discovered my new obsession.

His is father to the beautiful Knox and it is his most treasured role, he adores his son and when he meets Kendall well I was praying to any deity that would listen to give this guy a break.

Melissa, was Knox’s mom and losing her meant that he was bringing his son up alone and while that might not have been what he would have hoped for, his boy was all that mattered and he would ensure that he wanted for nothing, although he was mindful of the fact that he was never going to have the opportunity to get to know the woman that brought him into the world. I should say here that there is more to their story than you might think…but you need to read the book to find that little titbit though.

Kendall knows Ridge’s story or so she thinks. But one thing she doesn’t have to think about is the way he makes her feel, she is crazy about him.

I was sort of angsty that she felt guilt about caring. Why would she he was a fabulous guy with a great kid that had been through a tough time, yes she got the wrong idea about him and Melissa but I didn’t want her to beat herself or him up about the fact that he set her emotions alight…it seemed unfair, understandable but unfair none the less.

But when Ridge decided that he was ready to face the fact that he wanted Kendall…dang he went all in!! The mild mannered family man went all alpha on her a$$ and I was reaching for a fan!

I could read about Ridge over and over again and yes I probably will, he was fantastic, he had it all and every single piece was delicious. I adored the way he was with Knox, the way he loved his boy was heart-warming and the way he loved Kendal well let’s just say that, that was enough to warm other parts!

The story was fabulous, it showed that love is unquestionable, that being given the opportunity to love in whatever capacity is a chance that has to be grabbed with both hands because finding the one that completes you should never be left to chance.

And Ridge taught me one thing and that is that life is for living…the amount you get out only equates to the amount you are willing to put in and he gave his all in the hope that he would have that returned and with Kendall he hit the jackpot.

Topic: Unexpected Reality by Kaylee Ryan

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