Push the Envelope by Rochelle Paige


I didn’t get much from the blurb about the book and the front cover was a little non-descript but when I opened the pages the book came to life.

Alexa has been raised by her father following her mother’s death and like the daddy’s girl that she is he has followed him into the family business – being a fully qualified pilot. She has spent the first two years of college living at home but her dad insists that she get the full college experience and moves her onto campus for the last two years of her course.

It was a pleasant change to read a story with such a strong female collegiate lead – she knows what she wants and has already set about getting it. She will join the company upon completion of her business degree but in the meantime has come up with her own unique flying experience to help fund the additional costs of staying on campus.

Alexa is a tough cookie – I suppose she has had to be working in a male dominated environment. But it serves her in good stead because she is about to encounter the force of nature that is Drake. And he takes no prisoners when it comes to what he wants and he most definitely wants her.

The initial spats between the two of them are so well written and Alexa gives a good as she gets – her wit and sarcasm serve her well but Drake has charm by the bucket load and when faced with the full on charm offensive, her defences crumble – well who could blame her – I mean – really!!

Drake leaned closer to me, our noses brushing against each other. His lips were as close to mine as they could be without us kissing. "Oh, you're going to like me calling you babe. Trust me on that."

Drake is the sports hero, although it was nice that he was a Rugby star and not the standard American football jock! Not being one to have to fight for female attention since he arrived at the college, Drake has enjoyed the adoration but has resisted getting involved with anyone, we find out why later in the story but when he final sets eyes on Alexa at Jackson’s party he is absolutely smitten and when Alexa catches a glimpse of him staring at her – the feelings are most definitely mutual.

Not one for parties Alexa disappears into Jackson’s room top get away from the hordes, there is nothing between her and Jackson – she sees him as a big brother figure but Drake doesn’t know that and it sets his dominant side alight – having to get away he decides to head home to put some distance from him and Alexa.

But fate deals him a helping hand when his father hires Alexa’s dad to get Drake home in time for his mother’s birthday party. He puts his foot in his mouth when he is condescending and assumes that she is the flight attendant but when she rectifies his mistake by pointing out that she is the co-pilot on his flight – he quickly realises he has met his match.

Things get a little more heated when Alexa clarifies the situation with Jackson – pointing out that he is not her boyfriend. Drake has heard enough – she is most definitely his now – whether she likes it or not!

Drake as a few obstacles to over- come.  Namely the fact that Alexa has a real trust issue and is reluctant to get involved with anyone – no matter how tempted she is. She was cheated by a previous boyfriend – Jackson introduced them and he discovered the affair – so he feels guilt for the pain she experienced and this is now the reason that she and Jackson are so close. She also comes from a much lower tax bracket then he does – his family are filthy rich and her father and she are blue collar workers – keeping their heads above water but working hard to do so. Unfortunately for Alexa, Drake doesn’t understand the word No and is not about to start now. He gets that he is going to have to work for her and shows patience and maturity to some extent but let her go – not a chance! He puts his foot in it right up to his neck though when mislead by the ever so irritating, family friend Sasha, and he levels an accusation at Alexa that is both as insulting and completely beneath him. Jackson comes to her aid when he realises that Drake truly loves her and has taken to sitting in his car outside her dorm until he can apologise and explain. 

There were some great supporting characters – especially Jackson and Aubrey. Every girl should have a friend like Aubrey to rely on and a powerhouse like Jackson to lean on when needed – I’d love my own one of those bad boys! He is just so Alpha in every way he needs his story to be told.

My overall impression was that this was a great romp through the trials of young romance with an strong lean towards the alpha male but with a heady mix of independent women thrown in to mix it up a bit.

Good read would definitely recommend.

Rating 3.5 out of 5