by CD Reiss

Angst-riddled, emotionally turbulent and hypnotically addictive, there is very little left to be said about this, the last work from the magnificent CD Reiss.
I have had a love-hate relationship with many of the characters in the book, they brought a lot out in me that I hadn’t thought about for a long time, made me consider the corruption that power and greed bring to the fore, the absolute corruption that the heady mix of having everything at your whim instills in a human being…and it isn’t all good, I’ll just say that and leave it for you to form your own opinions.
The content was exceptional, so detailed (a real staple of this authors work) that it is almost impossible to not feel totally submersed in the storyline.
Carrie and Gabriel had previous, they had history so to speak, when they were younger and in college but the evil that is wealth and the circumstances that that brings resulted in a wedge between them that eventually put paid to their friendship and it is some years later before they are back in the same circles…but is this a good thing, well only time would tell.
The Drazen kids are far from being strangers to the harsh side of life, the fact that their life and the way it is lived will always have an impact on the here and now but that doesn’t mean that they don’t long for the simple things, the normalcy.
Carrie and Gabriel are simple folks, it is the circumstances that surround them that are complicated, that ensure that every day is an emotional rollercoaster for the two of them (and for me as the reader, it was gripping)
I suppose just breaking it down this is a hard-fought second chance love story, they had a lot to rage against but a lot to fight for!
A powerful tale that was told without exception.

Topic: PRETTY SCARS by CD Reiss

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