Tiger Shark by LP Lovell

LP Lovell is a challenge for me, she writes some amazing stories but she makes sure that as a reader you have to work hard to get the most from her stories, she doesn’t play it safe with her characters or her storylines and this particular book shows that dedication to her style to absolute perfection because the start of the book had me not only conflicted but completely confused.

Georgia was such an out and out ball buster that to be honest I didn’t actually like her much initially. I understood her rules and why she had them but that didn’t mean that I had to like her and after a little while I understood that just maybe that was what the author was hoping for, a woman that was a challenge on and off the page, a woman that made her men work hard to be worthy of her and her readers work hard to see who she really was. Georgia played hard in a world that was dominated by men but that she refused to allow herself to be anyone’s second, she dominated everything and everyone she had to in order to succeed …. until she met Landon

And that brings me on the powerhouse that was the formidable Landon, holy cow!!! Nothing and I do mean nothing was allowed to stand in his way, he was not only completely relentless but totally ruthless and without wanting to repeat myself all this …until Georgia.

Because she pushed an entirely different set of buttons, she lit up is soul like he had never had happen before, she brought his possessiveness out to play and he would stop at nothing to make sure she was his. He was willing to do whatever he had too and if that meant tackling Georgia and all her fury head on, then he was definitely ready to lace up his gloves.

The push and pull between the two of them was not only electrifying it was brutal, they fought hard for what they had and where they wanted to be heading, even though at times they seemed to be pulling in different directions.

True to form the author hid plenty up her sleeve, she was creative with her descriptive narrative and brutally honest with the emotional darkness that at times almost shrouded both Landon and Georgia. Nothing was straight forward, there were secrets aplenty and attitude and angst by the bucket load, but everything and everyone added just enough to the story, each had a part to play and they hit the spot perfectly.

A superbly written book, that once it got its claws in, refused to let go.

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