A Biker Christmas by Jani Kay

Ryder Knox can do no wrong my eyes I fell for him when he first opened his mouth in Ryder the prequel book of the Scorpio Stinger Series and he has held me captive ever since, this foul mouthed biker is the absolute dichotomy of everything you would expect him to be because underneath his gloriously sexy, biker badass exterior hides a heart of pure gold, and I love him!

Ryder and Jade have been through so much, they are still reeling from the loss of their baby but Ryder’s idea to have a biker ride to deliver toys to the local children’s homes and hospital is pure Ryder – other’s first.

Underprivileged and disadvantaged kids are top of his list this Christmas and the other guys at the club are fully on board with the plan, hoping that it can lift them from the funk that has surrounded the club since Jamie disappeared.

This perfectly pitched Christmas edition to the series, was completely on point, it was full of sentiment and goodwill.

Ryder and Harrison manage to call a truce for the day and set their differences aside, Jade’s parents show that they are beginning to warm to the Ryder charm and are fully on board with the bike idea in more ways than Jade and Harrison had even thought possible.

I am looking forward to the next book in the series and to hopefully learning more on the fate of Jamie and to seeing how my favourite delightful ruffian Ryder deals with the bombshell that was dropped on him at the end of this book – Oh Ryder!!!