Pandemonium by Bella Jewel

Never tell you heart what it can’t have because the moment you do is the minute it makes its own decisions and from then on, you are merely along for the ride.

MC President’s daughter and the town Detective, nope never going to happen…well think again because Bella Jewel just dished it up and as the book suggests it is a far from easy scenario!!!

Ava is her daddy little girl despite the fact that she is all grown up and making her own way in the world, and as president he has an army of guys who are more than willing to be his eyes and ears. And as much as she adores her father, she is doing everything she can to stand on her own two feet.

But when all his protection fails to keep, his enemies from exacting revenge on him but hurting her. Emotionally broken, she finds herself dumped, devastated and dishevelled on the street and in the hands of the one person that her father and the club would never accept…Detective Lucas Black.

Lucas happens upon Ava, and despite his career, his connection to her hits bone deep, he can see that they have something in common, they are both broken. Lucas has been down that road and knows that it is not only a long and lonely one but one can swallow you whole and that is not something that he can allow to happen to Ava. He promises her that she will make it through it.

But the horror of the day tails her every thought, it clouds her life, every minute of every day and Ava is drowning in both fear and misery. The only person that she can trust and talk to is Lucas, but she is playing with fire going behind her father’s back by getting involved with a cop.

I saw a strength in Ava that while the story exposed her frailty, the words highlighted her humanity. The depth of feeling she had toward the other captive that night, the regret and remorse that she had for the events that unfolded and the fact that she endeavoured to keep the true horror from those that she knew would be devastated if they ever discovered the truth.

So after everything that Ava brought to the story, it was Lucas that stole my breath away. This dark man, this damaged and harrowed soul, was beautiful. He was sincere, he was sensitive, he was everything she needed him to be and more, he gave her a reason to fight the darkness, to make sure she didn’t drown in her pain, because he had and it was not a lesson he wanted her to have to learn for herself.

Life had been cruel to Lucas, it had dealt him some truly awful cards and then watched as his house of cards fell down around him. But this is a man that is made of stronger stuff, few others would have had the resilience to recover and to better themselves but he owned his pain, not the other way round.

Lucas and Ava’s story isn’t the usual MC fodder, it was a jigsaw of connections, the ties to the club that Lucas had predated his connection to Ava, could that be overcome?

Could he save her when her resolve finally breaks and all her secrets are revealed?

Would the club see that whatever is going on between them is bigger than the club?

There were so many question, so many twists and turns and so many ego’s that it was never in doubt that this was going to be a great story but in true MC fashion, it was far from a smooth ride.

On a personal level, I read one line in this book and it broke me

"You sunk. You promised me you wouldn't sink." Because I carry a tattoo on my right wrist which says“I refuse to sink”  Life and art finally collided in my world.

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