Fortuna Sworn

by KJ Sutton

I’m a straight-up reader, I will read anything but like us all, I have a genre that I tend to gravitate towards and I will admit now that Fantasy is not normally where I would head but I may just have to rethink that bias because this was superb.
The story was easy to follow, it had a definite purpose that drove the story along at a pace that was easy to keep up with. I liked that the fantasy world ran in parallel with the human one and that there were similar traits that I could correlate between the fantasy world and what I would normally expect.
There was of course intrigue as the characters and their powers and skills became clear but there was also a hint of violence that I had not anticipated. With a glimmer of romance also peppered through the story, I soon saw that my initial hesitancy was misplaced, and I settle in completely to the storyline.
With this being the first book in the series, I thought the author did an amazing job laying the foundation for not just her other world but also the cast of characters that I have no doubt I will come to love. There was a lot to learn about life in the Unseelie Court and a lot of what I thought I had deciphered proved to be completely wrong and only served to prove that I have a lot to learn!
This was a book that encouraged questions, that almost insisted that as the reader, you queried and pondered just what the author and characters were up to. I couldn’t help but wonder…” What?” on more than one occasion. And that I love about a story, it was immersive, it drew me into this wonderful world that I knew nothing of and drew me some fantastically descriptive pictures of what I was missing.
Fortuna Sworn is a heroine that will love getting to grips with, she will matter to you and her world, whilst dark is truly wonderful.

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