by Jami Davenport

If you could see me know you would know that when I picked up this book I was clapping my hands like a thing possessed, I love a good hockey story and I thought this would be a really  good hockey story!

But was it??

Martin Bricker or Brick as he is also known is living the life he has always wanted and as a successful professional hockey player and he not only enjoys his life but all the trappings that his wealth affords him, he gets whatever he wants, whenever he wants it but the one thing he didn’t think he was about to get soon rocked up on his doorstep in the shape of a 5-year-old daughter that he has no idea he had…boom…life as he knew it was now well and truly over! And this single father has a lot to learn about the fine art of parenting…and no time to waste.

His little cutie goes by the name of Macy and she is a real scene stealer, when she told him that he was her daddy and that he has to take care of her now, I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face, she was so darn cute.

But Brick has no idea how to care for a child, some would say he could barely care for himself, so he sets out to do what he has to do and that is get help, not only to find out what the heck is going on but with Macy.

Amelia helps her sister in law with her day care but it is really just a means to an end as she gets through college, so taking a fortnight live in role as nanny to the daughter of a famous hockey player was a no brainer when it was offered, especially since it had a sizeable pay cheque attached.

I liked the fact that we got to understand Brick a little more with each chapter that unfolded, now I will admit that he wasn’t always the easiest person to like but when all his issues are aired, I understood why he was the way he was and I appreciated the fact that he was doing what he could for his little girl.

Emotionally this was chock full of scenes that will hit you with all the feels and with Macy hogging the limelight this is a story that while it may be a little light on the sporting action is certainly not lacking in any other department.