Lingus by Mariana Zapata


Lingus by Mariana Zapata

Picked this up having finished and enjoyed Under Locke by the same author. The blurb was intriguing – I mean finding love at a porn convention – hardly a run of the mill occurrence.

Katherine Berger or “Kat” is funny –very funny but we find her, a grown up, perfectly well rounded character in a situation that is completely outside her comfort zone and I give the author credit for getting the essence of her character spot on.

She was partial to putting her foot in her mouth with monotonous regularity and had very little shame or filter.

Kat is laid bare to us and her personality is given to us warts and all and it is nice to see how normal she is. Full of self-doubt, with a potty mouth and carrying enough baggage to fill the whole story, she finds it difficult to try and work out what exactly her relationship is with Tristian King (AKA Robby Lingus)

Tristian is so sweet, he is verging on being a total nerd – not at all what you would anticipate for his alter ego.

Little is given as way of explanation as to why he is in the porn industry- the inference is that he only got in to it to help out a former girlfriend but if that is the case then why did he continue in the profession when his relationship ended. And the impact it could have on his current employment, could be potentially devastating – why risk it? We are told he is studying to become a lawyer but the two are never cross – it would have been good to clarify the reason why he does one- is it to fund the other?

Kat quickly becomes indispensable to Tristian – filling the role of his best friend. The episode when he is ill with the flu is so funny but ultimately absolutely adorable that their relationship is already clearly defined – it is just a case of the fact that neither of them have sussed it out yet.

The hearts and flowers are clearly on the wall for this pair – they are soul mate in every single sense of the word.

When Tristian’s best friend Calum announces that he is to marry Nicole, who is Kat’s closest friend it pushes all the right buttons in Tristian and he makes the decision to give up his career in the industry and to be with Kat.

He is adorable and she is simply fabulous and it would be great to read some more of their story.


I absolutely loved this book, it was a fast paced romp, full of foul language and fantastic friendships.


Rating 4 out of 5