by Jewel E. Ann

Jewel E Ann is an author that doesn’t sit back or rest on her laurels, each book brings a new challenge and this is no different. With a deft touch, she held me on the edge of my seat wondering what direction she was going to take the characters and story in next.

I really enjoyed the pace of the story and the journey was joyous, I smiled and smirked and smouldered with the characters every step of the way, the author left me with a breathless feeling that is difficult to put into words.

Parker Cruse, is the type of woman that seems for the most part to live a life that is thrust upon her, not that, that is a bad thing but it does lead for a colourful life and one that has seen her experience both highs and lows. I loved the quirks that the author gave Parker, her humour was as sharp as a tack but at times it wasn’t easy for her to temper her tone.

The story had elements that felt raw, the emotion felt completely real and her path felt well-trod. I adored the honesty, and imagination that the author poured into this story, because this was an author at her very best bring you a character that you will be hard pressed to forget.

Topic: WHEN LIFE HAPPENED by Jewel E. Ann

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