by Maggie Adams

A hilarious ride, with a woman that has life experiences and had the years to prove it! I loved that this was about a woman that is the same age as I am, in my fifties and that is ready ditch the c**p that life has thrown at her and find herself again, or at least find the woman that life has tried to bury under the normalcy of marriage up until now. Miranda was a funny woman, I got that she dwelt a little more than I would have liked on the past but I also liked that when she made her mind up to make the changes she was quite simply brilliant after all she had 20 or more years to make up for!

Now one thing I have to say is that I think she had a tad more to say that we got to hear and that the author could have expanded her story for a little longer, it was just a smidge rushed.

But what I can say is that what I got was a story that was easily paced and that didn’t feel stilled or hemmed in.

I loved her friends, they were totally epic, just the kind of women that Miranda needed to have by her side, and I would love to read a little more about each of them, they totally won me over.

Laugh out loud at times, a delightful read that totally held my attention and was a solid 4 stars

Topic: Minx by Maggie Adams

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