by Avery Flynn

A sweet book that took the whole interfering mother scenario and shook it up, resulting in a highly amusing read.

Sawyer Carlyle is in his mother’s line of fire as she desperately parades potential wives in front of him at every possible opportunity, desperate to drag him away from his desk and the business that occupies all of his time, or at least in her book it does. Terrified that he may suffer the same fate as his father she wants her son to be happy and to not be at the beck and call of his business empire but Sawyer has other ideas and is in no hurry to tie the knot.

So in a twist of pure genius his brother places an ad for a “Personal Buffer” someone to run interference between Sawyer and his mother and when it comes down to the interview, let’s just say that Clover Lee, was a total shoe in, her initial interaction with his mother leaves Sawyer in no doubt that she may just be the woman that can save him from yet another vacuous socialite that he mom has lined up.

Clover Lee doesn’t like to be tied down, travelling the globe, working for charities and worthwhile causes, only venturing home to gather up enough cash to fund her next trip. So this short term position is just what she needs but when the goal posts move and the lines between what is real and what is pretend start to shift organically, can she keep her focus or will the magnificence that is Sawyer Carlyle sweep all her plans off the table?

On the outside they couldn’t have been further apart but inside they were the perfect match, the chemistry that they had was so fabulous that it brought the story to life. They were funny and engaging, they mattered to each other from the get-go and that made the whole story spring to life.

From the outset I was hoping that they got a HEA…did they? Well you need to read the book to find out

Topic: THE NEGOTIATOR by Avery Flynn

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