Defenseless by Corinne Michaels


There might be a case at times where if you haven’t read the other books, Consolation and Conviction I think you might find benefit in doing so, it will add depth and detail to your enjoyment of this book, but that being said, that can easily stand on its own two feet – it is a story that certainly has its own agenda.

Mark and Charlie was so alike in many ways that reading their interaction as such a pleasure, they left nothing in the tank.  I couldn’t help but smile through much of their banter.

Charlie was more than a match for Mark, she was more than able to dish out attitude, and it was hilarious. I got why Charlie was initially reluctant to get involved with Mark, her reasoning made sense but you can’t fight fate.

I admired Mark’s determination, the fact that he fought for his woman, well as much as he was able because it was fresh territory for a man that usually had women at his beck and call.

I want so much to give you more about the story but it would be unfair, this is a story that you really should read.

The characters will not only hold your attention they will burrow their way under your skin and make themselves at home.

I hope that the author may have a little more left in the tank for this series, I’m not quite sure if I am ready to wrap it all up but what I will say is that if this is the end, then the author wrote what is a stonker of an epilogue…it was fabulous!

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