by Alexis Noelle

I have loved every one of the Death Stalkers series and this is no different but I would have liked the book to be a little longer. It stood its ground perfectly well and had a lot to say for itself but I just thought that I would have liked to have spent a little longer in their company.

Storm wasn’t your typical alpha male, although that doesn’t mean that he didn’t rock the whole alpha vibe, he did! But he had a softer side to his personality that just seemed to take the edge off at times. He was such a good guy that I could see why he and Rebecca worked so well.

From the very beginning Storm and student teacher Rebecca, lit up the page. But she was a beautiful woman surrounded a s**tload of nonsense that seemed determined to get in her was, and I don’t just mean her stupidly overprotective big brother. That being said, once Storm managed to piece together everything that was going on, it didn’t take long for him to realise that there was more to him and Rebecca, from before and the past was definitely not playing nicely with the present.

But could Storm deal with everything that came with this woman he was falling for or would the problems that the club has to face be a step too far?

As expected the book is packed with attitude, the characters were engaging and I liked that some of the old crew were front and centre, it is great to watch the club develop and to get an insight into what makes them tick.

As I say, my only “pfft” was the fact that I would have liked a few more pages but other than that the book, was a super quick, super slick read!

Topic: Torn by Alexis Noelle

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