Rough by Skye Warren

First book in a new series and it carries a lot of weight on its shoulders and not all of it is sitting pretty.

This is a hard book to get a handle on and it deals with a difficult subject initially.

It is a fairly intense read, gritty in part and one that will certainly leave an impression, what that will be well I have to say there I have a bit of an internal debate going on about that, because I know that there will be some who will find the book not to their taste but I have to say that I actually rather enjoyed it.

Allie is a young mum whose daughter was conceived under the most abhorrent of circumstances and when faced with the truth she stood by the fact that her unborn child had done nothing wrong, she may have been wronged by someone that she should have been able to trust but she would not make her child suffer for that.

Haunted by the events of her past, she has sworn off relationships and has found her release in a monthly tryst at the local club, where she can remain nameless as she picks up her latest one night stand and releases some of her pent up sexual frustration.

One night is all well and good but what do you do when that one night turns out to be a good one? Or is he?

When the attraction you feel for him is something you have fought so hard to avoid and when he just happens to be the one person that steps up to the plate to have your back.

Colin wasn’t all sweetness and light but there was definitely something about him that had me intrigued. He was handsome and mysterious but he had an air about him that oozed from the pages, I think he was the type of man that she should have run a mile from but who she couldn’t help but fall for, and I cannot wait to see what the next book has in store for the two of them.