Undercover by Kasey Millstead


This is one book that I have to say is everything you want from a well told story – it is written with the readers pleasure in mind and each and every twist and turn is designed to not only enhance but intensify what I have to say was a fabulously well told tale.

Not everything is what it seems with the hero of the tale – Roman is more that the hard ass biker dude that he pertains to be, but is it a part he is playing or is this really the life he leads, or more to the point is it the life he wants to lead.

Because in some parts I don’t actually think he knows but one thing he does know is that no matter what his heart may be telling him, he is Willa’s downfall and no matter how much he is drawn to her he has to keep his distance. But can he afford to wait any longer?

Willa is besotted by Taz, the mere mention of his name is enough to have her panting with desire. But there are lines that cannot be crossed and she knows that the rules that are in place are there to keep not only her but the other safe – but when the past rears its ugly head, she is powerless to let the powerhouse that is Taz step in to protect her.

I am a sucker for a good MC novel and this is not a good MC novel – it is a GREAT MC novel and as the first in the series, I cannot wait for the next book.