Stanton Completely by T L Swan

This is a big book, it has a lot of pages but it needed each and every one of them.

Saving the best to last is often banded about but that is not exactly the case with this series because the series has been spectacular!

I was busy trying to work out all the different questions that were flying through my head and perhaps this left me feeling as if I was so busy keeping up with the goings on that I was caught completely cold when some of the mysteries were solved… I hadn’t seen them coming.

There were characters that finally got closure to their stories and I was glad of that but there were also some questions that I think were left ever so slightly incomplete and that peeved slightly.

The book oozed charm and sophistication but that wasn’t what I admired the most, I loved the fact that the story was different from the two books that had gone before, they were settled more, they were more in touch with each other and I could take comfort almost in the fact that they were happy.

I wanted them to have their happy ever after and in this I got it but it had been a long tumultuous road but wow, what a trip.

Topic: Stanton Completely by T L Swan

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